Attorney for Amtrak engineer talks

May 14, 2015 7:53 AM by Cheryl Wengren

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The attorney for the engineer who was at the controls when an Amtrak train crashed in Philadelphia says his client has no recollection of a crash that killed at least seven people.

Attorney Robert Goggin tells ABC's "Good Morning America" that his client, Brandon Bostian (BAH'-stee-un), remembers trying to reduce speed as the train entered a curve before he was knocked out and sustained a concussion.

Goggin says the engineer does not remember deploying the emergency brake. He says the last thing Bostian recalls is coming to, looking for his bag, retrieving his cellphone and calling 911 for help.

Investigators have determined the train was only able to slow down to 102 mph Tuesday night before it ran off the rails, where the speed limit was 50 mph.

The lawyer says Bostian's memory could likely return as the head injury subsides.


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