AT&T Offering $5,000 Reward for Arrest, Conviction of Copper Cable Thieves in Redding

Sep 16, 2013 12:05 PM

The communications mogul announced a reward today for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a string of copper cable thefts throughout the Redding area.

According to the company’s statement, the thieves are cutting and removing several feet of copper cable from utility poles. AT&T estimated there have been more than 30 thefts since the beginning of March which has affected thousands of customers.

“AT&T takes this matter very seriously,” said Chris Esparza, AT&T’s regional manager for network services in Northern California. “We’re hoping the reward will motivate people in Redding and the surrounding communities to be more alert and to pay close attention to any suspicious people who appear to be working on, or trying to cut down AT&T network cables or poles. We are cooperating with law enforcement to make sure those responsible are apprehended and prosecuted.”

Alex Carey, AT&T's Director of News Relations for California and the Pacific Northwest, could not tell Action News Now the exact locations of the thefts because it is considered proprietary information. Since the investigation is ongoing, the company does not want to encourage more thefts by releasing the locations of the thefts. Carey did indicate the company has lost "hundreds of thousands of dollars" as a result of these thefts.

AT&T urges anyone with information on these crimes to call 1-800-807-4205 to begin the investigation process and possibly claim the reward. Citizens should contact local law enforcement immediately if they observe anyone without a marked telephone company vehicle who appears to be working on AT&T network cables.


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