Ashley Starts Filling Back Orders

Aug 16, 2010 5:53 PM

"We're happy to be able to announce that a lot of the furniture that had been delayed getting to customers is being delivered" said SPCI President Stephen Forsey. After months of frustration and unanswered questions, Ashley Furniture customers can expect to get their back logged furniture soon. SPCI representatives who are aiding Ashley Furniture during it's liquidations say all customers should receive their orders within six to eight weeks.
"I can assure to all the customers that Ashley Furniture Industries and the owner of Ashley Furniture locally wanted to get the furniture to them as quickly as possible" Forsey said. Blame and confusion falls on the local owner of all three Ashley stores in Chico, Redding and Yuba City. Regardless Ashley Furniture industries has stepped in to honor the unfilled orders. Action News has also been told that both the Chico and Redding stores will remain open. "It's a difficult situation, no one wanted this to happen, it's unfortunate" Forsey explained.
But some Ashley Furniture customers still have unanswered questions, and no apologies from Ashley representatives will undo the damage. "Should not have taken almost four months to get something as simple as a couch" Oroville resident Laura Dillman said. She is still awaiting the delivery of her furniture. Laura had saved money for four years to buy it. Ashley Furniture recently contacted her and has assured her...her furniture will be delivered Thursday. Laura says she won't believe it until she sees it. "Choose carefully when you buy your furniture" Dillman added.


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