Ashley Furniture Says Furniture is Coming...

Aug 15, 2010 11:47 AM

"It's the same story we got two months ago, your furniture is going to be here soon, it's gonna be weeks not months" said Ashley Furniture Customer Shawn Paul. The frustration continues for some Ashley Furniture Customers who are anxiously awaiting the delivery of back-logged furniture that for many was promised to be delivered months ago. Now, Action News has been informed by Ashley Furniture Industries that trucks will be rolling into the Ashley Furniture Homestore parking lot in Chico Monday morning to deliver that furniture.
"I'm not hopeful at all, I don't think it's coming, but if it does then we'll be happy" explained Paul. Shawn Paul of Paradise never expected that after losing his home and possessions in a house fire, purchasing new furniture would be his most traumatic experience. " Ashley Furniture made it so difficult for us" he said. Shawn spent more than eight thousand dollars at Ashley Furniture Homestore in Chico back in March, and he has yet to receive his order. He has now been told that his furniture will be delivered shortly after August 28th. "So many lies so far, so many different stories told the same way, or in different ways. I won't believe it till I see it" Paul stated.
And one thing that all these Ashley Furniture customers have in common is the way they feel about how Ashley Furniture handled the situation. " Zero service, it's been terrible, it couldn't be worse" Paul explained. Roxanne Mulder adds that " Customer service was non-existent". Customers like Roxanne Mulder of Paradise have even gone as far as filling a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Mulder says she was escorted out of the Chico store for demanding a full refund. While she did end up getting the majority of her money back, she says she will never deal with them again. " Anger, frustration and just never going to deal with Ashley Furniture again obviously" Mulder said.
Ashley Furniture Industries states that even though the owner of all three Chico, Yuba City and Redding Stores is solely responsible for these orders, the company is working to right the wrong.


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