Ashley Furniture Frustration Continues

Jun 26, 2010 8:42 PM

"The information is very clear and the message is simple: they will get their furniture." A simple message from a confusing situation, but SPCI Company Director Tom Thompson, a spokesman for the company, is assuring all customers who are waiting for their purchase from Ashley Furniture that they will get what they paid for. Dan Ryan of Chico is one of those customers. Ryan ordered furniture, paid for it in May, and has not heard from the company. "They couldn't give me any information, I have yet to speak with anyone confirming the status of my order and updated estimated delivery date, so it's just really frustrating," Ryan explained.

Stehpanie Donhue says she bought furniture from the store and was supposed to receive it six weeks ago. "They charged the order the next day and after a few weeks of not hearing anything when they promised to call, it's just a little ridiculous and we're just hoping we will get it or at least get a full refund."

Thompson says the owner of the store may be behind the problem. "The money was not there to fill their orders. The owner did tell Ashley Furniture Industries he was not able to fill them and Ashley has stepped in and said 'ok' we will fill those orders."

It's unclear where the money was going. Iin the meantime, Thompson says corporate is stepping in to help. "They probably don't have any patience left, I'm going to ask them to exert just a bit more while we go through this process and get them their furniture."

Employees at Ashley Furniture will be contacting everyone within the coming week who made an order prior to May 21st to confirm their order. The owner of the Chico store has recently resigned.


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