Artist Presentations Engage Students at CSUC

Mar 22, 2016 1:12 PM by News Staff

A week-long art exhibit has students playing with the art itself and students were literally hugging the columns in front of Meriam library Monday afternoon.

It’s the first of several exhibits that will pop up on campus this week. It’s all a way for the university art gallery to become more of a presence on campus.

And this art exhibit definitely has an interesting goal...

“It’s just a device, a supportive device for people to interact with the library in a really physical and kind of intimate way," artist Cameron Kelly said of her creation.

Kelly and a team of helpers braved the weather to set up the first of five exhibits on the Chico State campus.

"So much help- students, friends, participating artists, faculty," Kelly said.

The art weeks' exhibits are unique, but they all center on the idea of “Play,” a theme chosen by the humanities and arts department as a theme for the entire semester.

"It’s also a way that we learn,” she said. “I mean, children learn by playing, it's one of the most freeing and liberating ways to take in information."

Kelly’s exhibit encouraged anyone walking by to stop and give it a hug, causing the display to light up.

It’s a chance for students and anyone that benefits from Chico State, Meriam Library, and this institution for learning to acknowledge and give gratitude to this place that we attend every day.

Kelly says for her, the idea of play is a way to engage people to interact with the art.

“We hug people because we approve of them, we value them so why not do that for the library,” she said.

Kelly worked with Kelly Lindner at the University Art Gallery to organize the weeklong event.

Her huggable exhibit was first displayed at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Upcoming displays this week will include martial arts and an exhibit that encourages appreciation for some helpful inanimate objects.


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