Arsonist Accepts Plea Deal

Apr 3, 2013 4:30 PM

Six days before his trial was set to begin, a volunteer firefighter accused of as many as 20 fires in the Paradise Ridge area in 2011 has agreed to a plea bargain.
Jairo Perkins-Grubbs pleaded guilty three felony counts of Arson during a Tuesday appearance in Butte County Superior Court.
Prosecutors say the 32-year-old set fires during a four month period, including the one that destroyed the DeSabla Market and Lovelock Inn.
The plea deal means Perkins-Grubbs, who also has a 2007 Arson conviction out of Michigan, faces 21 years in prison instead of 76 years ... after prosecutors agreed to dismiss 17 other felony counts for the plea deal.##


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