Arizona governor gets bill opposed by gays

Feb 25, 2014 7:49 AM

PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has five days to decide whether to sign or veto a bill that would allow business owners with strongly held religious beliefs to refuse service to gays.

The legislation has triggered a national backlash from supporters of gay rights, and prompted some in her own party to push her to veto it. Sen. John McCain and the CEO of American Airlines, which is based in Arizona, are among those asking Brewer to veto the measure. American's Doug Parker says there's concern "throughout the business community" that the measure could damage the state's economy.

Three Republican state senators are urging Brewer to veto a bill, despite voting for it themselves. Sen. Bob Worsley says he's seen the ramifications of his vote and now thinks it was a mistake.

But conservative groups supporting the legislation are pushing back and accuse critics of "fear-mongering."

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