Aramark laundry employees in Redding losing jobs

Feb 18, 2015 8:41 PM by Charlene Cheng

The notices have been handed out.

The Aramark laundry plant in Redding is moving to Stockton.

While the company administrators are staying, the job hunt is on for those who worked in the plant.

Redding Development Services Director Bill Nagel delivered the news at Tuesday's city council meeting, where a group of employees asked city officials to intervene.

"Yesterday I spoke with the outside counsel for Aramark and asked if there's anything we can do to change their mind or work on bringing other jobs here, and was pretty much told the decision's final and that's the direction they're going to go," Nagel said.

Plant administrators have been dealing with complaints from neighbors about noise and litter for a couple of years now.

"They make so much noise and the noise just penetrates through these building and stuff. They don't realize that. They need a sound wall over there, so we don't get that. If they're going to stay, I think they should do that," John Amodio said.

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