Anti Bullying Campaign Spreading Positive Message

Apr 24, 2013 9:04 PM

A Butte College student is taking the phrase "pay it forward" to a whole new level with an anti-bullying program that's been growing rapidly in the last year.

Some people are often told they're beautiful, while others may never receive such a compliment. After hearing how many of his peers were dealing with self esteem issues, Ben Hatch decided to take action by starting an anti-bullying movement called "Don't You Know You're Beautiful".

“We believe that beauty doesn't have just one definition. Beauty is diverse and it's the differences that make us beautiful," he says.

The Las Plumas High graduate made a video with friends at a local youth center to get their point across. The video was shown at Las Plumas last year, and has since caught the attention of thousands of people online. Now, Hatch spends time speaking at schools and passing out bracelets to let others know they're beautiful.

"We've had stories from Hawaii. One girl was said a gentleman had given her a bracelet and told her to smile and that she was beautiful. Just hearing stories from people on our website has been really good," Hatch says.

On Saturday, the group will be hosting a bonfire event at Riverbend Park starting at 6 p.m. People will be able to write down something personal from their past they want to let go of and toss it into the fire. Hatch says he plans on adding a blog to the program's website and allowing people to share videos. He also wants to provide resources for people dealing with depression and abuse.

"We believe that once you know that you're beautiful inside and out that you're perception towards other people also changes. When we can get everyone to join that movement we can make a positive change," he says.


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