Anselmo Vineyards sold at auction

Oct 24, 2014 2:33 PM by News Staff

Anselmo Vineyards, the controversial 2,400 acre winery and cattle ranch in Shasta County has been sold at auction or $8.3 million.

Vineyards spokesperson Trish Clarke told Action News Now Reverge Anselmo's property was sold Thursday night by Concierge Auctions, but the identity of the new owner has not been released.

Clarke, who has been a longtime spokesperson for Anselmo, estimates he spent close to $30 million developing the 2400 acre property.

According to Clarke, Anselmo felt mistreated in Shasta County.

The disagreements with the county started with berry bushes several years back, and a grading permit Anselmo didn't think was necessary to have in order to clear them off his property.

That disagreement evolved into a finger-pointing match between Anselmo and the county, and ended with a $1.3 million fine against Anselmo -- to correct several buildings that weren't properly permitted, or zoned.

The county has given its approval to move forward with legitimizing the illegal buildings on the property, and that process will be completed by the new owner.

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