Anselmo Vineyards auction underway

Oct 23, 2014 8:14 PM

It's a big day for Anselmo Vineyards, a controversial 24-hundred acre winery and cattle ranch in Shasta County that's set to be auctioned off Thursday evening.
The property should have already been sold at auction last month, but the board of supervisors had to settle zoning matters.

The online auction is hosted by Concierge Auctions, who expects to have a new owner by the end of the night.
A woman very close to the original owner -- Reverge Anselmo -- called the sale a loss for Shasta County.

"We've lost a man and his vision."

Trish Clarke has been a spokeswoman for Reverge Anselmo since she was on the board of supervisors about eight years ago.

"California didn't treat Reverge well, in his perspective..."

It started with berry bushes several years back, and a grading permit Anselmo didn't think was necessary to have in order to clear them off his property.

That disagreement evolved into a finger-pointing match between Anselmo and the county -- and ended with a $1.3 million fine against Anselmo -- to correct several buildings that weren't properly permitted, or zoned.

"He didn't cut's so far in the other direction...he was dotting every "I" and crossing every "T"..."

Clarke says with the death of his mother and an ongoing divorce, Anselmo decided it was time to leave California.

"I don't expect his return...I'm so was a magnificent creation."

She estimates Anselmo spent close $30 million developing the 24-hundred acre property -- and had bigger plans to construct an 18-room boutique hotel and spa.

"He's created a venue for Shasta County where nothing but good can come from it....I hope the new person wants to continue with that."

Clarke says the county has given its approval to move forward with legitimizing the illegal buildings on the property -- that process will be completed by the new owner.


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