Annual Bull and Gelding sale in bucks in Red Bluff

Jan 28, 2016 1:17 PM by News Staff

What all started three quarters of a century ago has since become one of the premiere livestock sales west of the Rockies featuring everything from bulls to stock dogs to cattle equipment bringing people from all over North America to Red Bluff.

The town of red bluff saw a swell in population as ranchers and farmers gather for the 75th annual bull and gelding sale Wednesday afternoon. The yearly event has grown to one of the largest of its kind in the western United States.

The size of the town of red bluff may be small, but the shadow it casts over the livestock industry is impressive. Adam Owens, bull sale manager, it really put Red Bluff on the map.

“Anywhere in the livestock industry, most people know of red bluff have been to red bluff and the bull sale,” he said.

The sale kicked off Wednesday with the bulls being judged and goes through the weekend when those bulls will be sold on Sunday. The sale began in 1941 when local farmer’s band ranchers felt for the need for a common marketplace.

“When it was originally founded the buyers were hungry for a marketplace and the sellers were hungry for a market place, so it was an easy match.”

Over the years, the bull sale has grown into one of the largest in the country, bringing people like Phil Kudlac and his family from Oregon to sell his bulls.

Kudlac, owner of Kudlac Hedford, said the sale has a storied reputation with the buyers and sellers.

“It started in 1980, someplace in the early 80's,” he said, “it's a good sale, it treats us well and the bull sale committee treats us well.”

Besides the bull sale, the event has grown to include a gelding, stock dog sale and a trade show, which brought vendors from as far away as Alberta, Canada to sell their goods.

Maggie Bevan brought her wares from Bunkhouse Braiding, based in Canada, to the show.

“It's a good venue, people really appreciate the work down here,” she said. “It's well worth the drive.”

With all these out of town visitors, the town of Red Bluff has shared in the prosperity of the event.

“It fills up the hotels for the week, gets pretty hard to find a hotel. It’s great for the restaurants and gas stations. It gets a lot of people in the town and puts red bluff on the map in agriculture so throughout the year maybe this is a place they want to stop because they are familiar with it.”

Organizers expect close to 300 bulls and 100 geldings will be sold this weekend which can end in more than two million dollars in sales.

The sale culminates Saturday night with the Red Bluff Buckin' Best Bull Riding Invitational.


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