Animal Cruelty in Oroville...

Nov 2, 2010 7:16 PM

"It's sad, it's like members of your family being killed senselessly and being gone" explained Suzanne Strisower. She is devastated as she tries to figure out how someone could kill one of her pet goats. Strisower first noticed something strange Sunday afternoon when two of her goats went missing from their pen on her remote property outside of Oroville. She initially thought a mountain lion may have come on to her property, itt wasn't until Monday morning when she realized it was more than just a mountain lion. She woke to find that animals, some as large as 400 pounds, had been moved from their locked pens, another goat was missing and one goat's neck had been broken. "It just really scared me because clearly it was a human act.. and now what do you do" said Strisower.
Strisower contacted the Butte County Sheriff's Office and an investigation is underway. She revealed to both the sheriff and Action News that she has had some run-ins' with neighbors recently and she fears they may have a hand in the crime. "There's ways to resolve anything, but to kill an innocent animal just because and to take other animals and god knows what's gonna happen to them, it's terrible, it makes me sick" Strisower explained.
Strisower says her goats and lamas are more than just pets, they are her family. She asks anyone with information about the crime, or the whereabouts of her three missing goats to come forward. "Id love to come pick them up, no questions asked I just really want them back" Strisower pleaded.


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