Angie Salado Benefit

Apr 25, 2011 8:33 PM

" When my children were little I always pleaded with God for nothing bad to ever happen to them, and when we got the news it was just surreal", said Corning Resident Jani Franer. It's news that changed Corning resident Jani Franer's life forever after her 32 year old daughter Angie Salado was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last December. Salado had complained of unbearable headaches, a trip to the hospital revealed the devastating news. " That happens to other moms, not me and not my child", said Franer.
Doctors say the size of the tumor and location on the brain make it inoperable, and Salado now lives with a daily reminder of the battle she's going through. " A day for her, she generally wakes up with a headache", explained Franer.
Salado is undergoing chemotherapy in hopes of slowing down the growth process of the tumor. She makes trips to the University of San Francisco every three months for MRI checkups. But neither she nor her family are going through it alone, community members in Corning have shown their constant support, and nearly 100 percent of businesses there have donated on her behalf. They're now organizing a dinner, dance, raffle and auction that will be held may 21st at the Paskenta Hall, and are also selling t- shirts on her behalf. " I have gone out in this town and everyone, every single person has given, they've been so generous and supportive and they've just all given, everyone", said Jayne Endicott, a close family friend. And it's support that doesn't go unnoticed. " Overwhelming, the support and the love... And on facebook people writing to my daughter saying, we don't know you, but we love your mom and dad and we want to help", said Franer.
Franer says the long road ahead will be a difficult one, but her friends and community members give her hope even when she feels there's none left. " People care, in a world that seems like sometimes they don't, they still do", said Franer.
Tickets to the dinner and auction are being sold at all Corning schools, they are also searching for anyone who can donate tri-tip. If you'd like to make a donation to help Angie Salado with medical expenses, you can do so at any Premier West Bank.


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