Anderson Teen Center staying open for summer

May 20, 2014 7:58 PM

For the past three summers, the Anderson Teen Center was forced to shut its doors right when school let out for the summer, leaving young people in the area without much to do.

"I'd be at home sleeping like eight hours a day," said Anthony Stowe, a senior at North Valley High School and a regular at the Center.

The Center is run through the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council, and suffered funding cuts a few years back.

Thanks to a Community Development Block Grant, teens from seventh through twelfth grades will have a safe place to hang out all summer long.

"We got everything from dancing to cooking and music. We've got games and arts and crafts supplies, a whole game room, computers for them to both play on and work on homework," said Project Director Barbara Jackson.

The Center was opened in 2001 with the mission of keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble.

"Getting in trouble just doesn't have to be a part of being a teen. There's lots of things that they can get involved in and give back to their community and have fun in a way that's not getting into trouble," Jackson said.


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