Anderson school closing for day after busted water main leaves campus without water

Apr 18, 2016 11:29 AM by News Staff

Cascade Union School district officials are advising that classes at Meadow Lane Elementary School in Anderson are cancelled for the day after a busted water main has left the campus without water.

Parents of students at Meadow Lane are advised to be near the phone number listed on emergency contact cards as students will begin to be bused home as soon as contact with a parent or guardian is made.

Cascade officials said the break in the water main was not noticed until after buses picked up students for the commute to school.

They did not indicate how long the repairs would take but said more information would be released as it is known.

Any one with questions or the need to make other arrangements can contact the Cascade School District office at 530-378-7000 to keep phone lines clear at Meadow Lane.


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