Anderson Police considering a reserve police force

Mar 2, 2016 7:57 PM by News Staff

Anderson city council members are considering a plan to implement a reserve officer program.

It's all about proactive policing to Chief Johnson and in order to do that he needs more uniforms on the streets.

Johnson said he's always looking for full-time police officers but it's been tough finding candidates who are qualified. Hiring reserve officers part-time instead would allow full-time officers to work on special operations and would take pressure off the already low staffing levels at the police department.

“I get a guy that is a veteran seasoned guy who is already trained, great wealth of knowledge, can help train my younger guys as it's really beneficial to the city and the community all around,” Johnson said.

Johnson says he's not trying to replace full-time police officers with reserve officers. He already has the operation manual and policy in place for the program .All he needs is approval from the city council.

If Johnson gets the green light to start the program, he's hoping to hire up to three reserve officers who could hit the streets as soon as mid-April.


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