Anderson mobile home park owner, residents, against city's plan to build new walkway

Sep 16, 2014 8:06 PM

There's a heated debate brewing in Anderson -- the city is proposing a new path for bikers and pedestrians to get to the river park.
The mobile home estates owner across the park says it's a bad idea.

The owner has undeveloped property behind the mobile home park, and the city wants to use part of it to build the new path.

"I don't want the public walking through my residents' homes...we're a very small, quiet community."

Marsha Wilson has planted many memories over the years here at the River Park Mobile Estates -- and she wants to keep it that way.

"They are taking my land against my will, against the will of my residents for a use that has very dubious need."

Last year Anderson city officials approached Wilson with their plan to improve the river trail -- they say the new proposed path will be a safer alternative for pedestrians and bikers.

"Currently there's two ways of accessing Anderson River Park for motorists and pedestrians -- Rupert Lane and Dodson...Rupert has fairly narrow shoulders and bike lanes on it."

The proposed path would be about ten feet wide and would run through her property.
Wilson is opposed to the plan, saying there would be far too many negative consequences.

"We will have unguarded rear access from a trail that's going into the public parklands that have already a serious transient population."

Mary Ann Sanchez, a resident at the mobile home estates is also against the plan, saying the proposed walkway would open the mobile home community to more crime

"It makes us very visible and vulnerable to more campers...trashing...fires..."

Anderson City Engineer David Durette says the demographic that will use the walkway would provide more eyes and ears around her property.

"It just puts more people walking through there...the park users out there walking and cycling to the park are the type to report things that they see..."

The city tried to negotiate an offer with Wilson but she turned it down, so now the city is using its power of eminent domain to try and acquire the land it needs for the bike path.


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