An iPad for every freshman at CV High

Jan 15, 2014 7:25 PM

Today's students are growing up with technology as a constant part of their daily lives.

In fact, many of Central Valley High School's 200 freshmen can't remember going to school without a computer.

"I use the internet for everything, I mean, you need to know something, you can look it up, dictionary, thesaurus, you have it at your fingers," freshman Chaundra Gomes said.

To keep up with their tech-savvy students, the Gateway Unified School District has launched one of its biggest tech initiatives ever, an iPad for every freshman.

"Traditionally, with education, it's been primarily that the teachers have been the expert in front of the class, and now the iPad really opens it up to the entire world where students can collect information from everywhere," principal Ryan Johnson said.

Lisa Kalsbeek teaches math at the high school.

Socrative is just one of the apps that she uses in her curriculum.

"I can have a question that I ask them and they will respond with answers on the iPad, and it will immediately tell me what they're answering, so I can immediately know if they understood the concept from the day before or not," Kalsbeek said.

The program just started in October, but administrators are already noticing that students have been more engaged in their classes.


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