Amid outrage, Gridley names police chief as interim city manager

Nov 18, 2014 7:12 PM by News Staff

Residents packed into the Gridley City Council Chambers Monday night, furious that city officials fired City Administrator Rob Hickey, only to turn around and immediately re-hire him.

City officials fired Hickey and gave him a nearly $75,000 severance package, but then asked him to work as the interim city administrator until a replacement was hired.

The controversy began earlier this month after the Novemeber elections when two new city council members won a seat on the board.

Fearing friction between the new elected officials and Hickey, all the city council members with the exception of Frank Hall, decided it was in the best interest of the city of Gridley to terminate his contract without cause.

At Monday's meeting, Gridley residents expressed concerns with the idea Hickey could be paid twice for the same job if he's rehired.

Following the meeting, officials decided that Chief of Police Dean Price would be the interim city manager. Hickey was still hired on as interim consultant for energy and we'll be paid $71 an hour for an unspecified amount of hours.


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