Americans Keep Spending on Pets Through Economic Downfall

Mar 5, 2012 7:49 PM

From foods, treats and toys, the cost of caring for your pet continues to rise. But numbers are showing Americans are willing to pay it. " It kind of was mind boggling at first, wow, people are paying more then I spend on my groceries," said Paige Hughes, manager at Trail Blazer Pet Supply.
According to The American Pet Products Association, Americans spent nearly 51-billion dollars on their pets in 2011, that's an all time high, up more than five percent from 2010. From specialty foods to high end gourmet treats, pet lovers are not afraid to open their wallets when it comes to mans best friend. Trail Blazer Pet Supply on Mangrove, carries all the essentials to satisfy even the pickiest pet pallet. " You're definitely paying for what you get using one of our foods here, we carry origin, it's top of the line, their food is never frozen, all their meats are named meats," explained Hughes. Pet owner Mac Noble says, " The good food shows, I probably spend more money for food for him then I do on me."
Food and vet bills accounted for 65 percent of the spending in 2011. But it was pet services like grooming, boarding, pet hotels, and doggie-daycares that saw the biggest increase, spiking up more than 8 percent. " It's just now catching on, people are understanding the benefits of doggie daycare. They see that these dogs are socializing all day and getting exercise all day," said Wacky Wags Doggie Daycare owner Rob Joseph.
From grooming and training to boarding and daycare, the 10,000 square foot facility is all about dogs. You can even watch your K-9 on web-cam while you're at work. " These dogs are their children, and we treat these dogs as they're children. So they are pampered just like a child walks into this place, just like a regular daycare," said Joseph.
The American Pet Products Association predicts 2012 will be another record breaking year. It is estimated the spending will surpass 52-billion dollars by the end of the year.


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