Almond Sheller Goes Solar

Jul 12, 2010 8:02 PM

The owners at 4-Corners Hulling and Shelling take pride in being clean and green! That is why it was an easy decision for the president of the almond company to go solar. "Quiet, clean and it just makes good sense," Chuck Cabral stated.

The installation of more than 700 panels began in September last year and was finished by December. The business is now capable of generating more than 350,000 kilowatt hours a year, which is enough to power 32 homes! With the help of the California Solar Initiative and a federal tax grant, the system will pay for itself in six years. However, that is not all the company is doing to be efficient. The facility was opened only four years ago. Cabral says it gives off a much better product than some of their older plants. Last year, they processed about ten-million in almond meat pounds. "This system has approximately 180,000 CFM of vacuum system which draws all the dust out of the product and the dirt, separates everything, real nice and clean."

Cabral says going solar is a trend he sees growing in the agricultural industry. "Alternative energy, it has to come, and I think farmers want to be on the ground floor of it."

The company also has a deal with PG&E. It is able to trade every kilowatt hour it uses with one it produces.


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