Alleged discrimination at mobile home park

Mar 12, 2014 12:54 AM

Residents at a local mobile home park say they're being discriminated against by management and now many of them are being evicted. "If you're not one of them, you're out of here and they don't have a problem telling you so," said Donna Price, a former resident. That's what many residents say is the attitude of management at Antelope Creek Mobile Home Park in Los Molinos.

They say the park has a history of discrimination including the former manager yelling obscenities towards a same sex couple. "His thing was 'I will get you f’ing d**** out of here one way or the other,'" said Price.

Residents say management will refuse their payment for a couple of months and then try to evict them months later telling them they owe close to $3,000. "The rent is only $375. How we could possibly owe that much money in this amount of time is beyond me," explained Marcia Keel, a current resident. They say he has abused his power and enforces strict rules in the park. "You're not allowed out of your house after 10 o'clock at night. He’ll spotlight you with a big flood light right in your eyes. It’s just become absurd. You’re afraid to leave your house and you're afraid to stay in it."

Price, who's already been evicted, says he even followed her to her new home. “He's come to my home. Driving by my new home going, through the alley hitting his horn and yelling obscenities out of his window. Threatening me and telling me to back off or I will be taken care of."

Most residents don't have enough money to move their mobile homes and end up losing the property to the park. "That's what they do. They take your home and I’m just not going to lay down and take it anymore. I just can't and whatever I have to do to try and bring notice to this park, I’m going to," said Keel.

Several other residents who helped Price move out say they're now facing retaliation from management and are being evicted. Many of them are banding together and are considering a class action lawsuit against the park.

We spoke with the Meade and he refused to comment and told us to leave the park.


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