Alano Club Burglary Arrests

Jul 15, 2011 8:11 PM

"When I turned and looked down here, there was two 24 packs of coke, a box of things from my store and I put two and two together," Alano Club Manager Ron Medina says.

It wasn't hard either. Those holiday edition cans of Coca Cola had been purchased last December by thrift store employees. And they were among items stolen from the store Thursday morning. Medina quickly called police.

Oroville Police Sgt. John Bruschi says, "When we knocked on the front door to see if they knew anything about these items, we quickly discovered stolen property inside." And that's not all. The suspects were actually drinking out of some of those cans.

Three stolen suitcases filled with stolen clothes were inside the home. Also inside... A grandfather, 60 year old Andrew Cipolla Junior who was arrested for sales of narcotic drugs and child endangerment. His daughter, 32 year old Corina Tenbrink, his 20 year old girlfriend Crystal Palmer and family friend Kristina Murphy were also taken into custody. Tenbrink and Murphy were arrested in connection with the theft. Palmer was arrested for child endangerment. And Tenbrink's two children were taken into protective custody.

The arrests couldn't have come soon enough for those who run the Alano Club, but there's still the task of repairing all the damage. "The loss of the Alano club and thrift store is going to hit hard to the community because they have about 200 people that go through their doors on a daily basis," Sgt. Bruschi says. Medina says, "We're going to rebuild, we will be back, it's just going to take time."

Two of the suspects told police they'd been going to meetings at the Alano Club. The Oroville Fire arson dog, Roxy conducted a sniff search this afternoon for remnants of gasoline, to see if the suspects are at all connected to the two gasoline cans found inside the thrift store. The evidence has been sent to the Department of Justice where it will be examined.


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