'Aha!' Moment tour makes its first stop in Redding

May 12, 2014 9:52 PM

Mutual of Omaha is in Redding for the next few days, searching for people with inspiring stories--about how they bring their community together.
Some of the locals who participated in the interview are making big waves in the Redding community.

It's lights, camera, action here at the Sundial Bridge as Mutual of Omaha launches its 'Aha' campaign.

“This is our 5th year to voyage across America...this is our first stop for this year..so we're excited to kick it off in Redding.”

The campaign's motto revolves around the idea that finding clarity and meaning for what you do brings endless possibilities.

That's exactly what Redding native Wendy Zanotelli experienced, when she had her ‘aha’ moment.

She left the corporate world, to lead a company that works with non-profits.

“When you help the people in need to be financially stable...that all boats rise...so the entire community benefits.”

Phylicia Snow works with zanotelli.
She tells action news now, it was when she overcame the fear of asking clients for donations..that she had her 'aha' moment.

“Fear can grip us from making a difference, and as soon as you let it go and you face it and you take it head on and you conquer it...that's when you can really make a difference.”

Redding has gotten a lot of bad press lately, and the locals who showed up for today's 'aha' moment campaign say this is the moment for Redding to shine and show the world what it's made of.

“That hurts those of us who live here and love our community because we know that's a one dimensional look at our community…”

It also hurts Michael Burke, who left his journalism career to advocate for battered women and children.

“Next time Forbes looks at our community...we're gonna be the 5th best place in america for women...and we're gonna be proud about that.”

It all starts with a passion.

“My advice for people to finding their 'aha' moment is really do a deep search of yourself to figure out what really inspires you..and then go search for that and get connected.”

The 'aha' tour will travel about 10,000 miles to 20 cities around the country over the next few weeks.


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