After Controversy, New Chico Bar Opens

Oct 30, 2013 6:45 PM

Story and Video By Kai Beech

After more than a year of struggle, a Chico businessman has finally opened his downtown bar.

“Acquiring an alcohol license in Chico is difficult,” said Scott Baldwin, owner of the recently opened Argus Bar & Patio. “Everyone knows they’re very coveted but they’re very difficult because of the bureaucratic process.”

After finding the right mix to properly handle the bureaucratic process, Baldwin opened the Argus Tuesday. He purchased the liquor license from the now defunct Town Lounge about a year ago and problems quickly followed.

“The trouble that we had was the premise to premise,” Baldwin said. “Because we moved from 327 Main St. to over to here, which is 212 West Second St., we had a protest.”

One of Baldwin’s biggest challenges came from one of his closest neighbors: the owner of the El Rey Theatre.

“He complained about a lot of things Chico is struggling with right now which is vagrancy,” Baldwin said.

Despite being located a few hundred yards from the Chico State University campus, the Argus is catering to more of an adult demographic.

“I am targeting Chico State.” Baldwin said. “I’m targeting the professionals that work there and also they have grad students and they have students that drink responsibly. Anyone that's over 21 is certainly welcome.”


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