Adopt A Block

Mar 28, 2010 9:34 PM

It was a busy day for members of nine Chico State fraternities. It's part of the Inter-Fraternity Council's "Adopt A Block" program. Every other Sunday morning, for five times during the semester, the students compete with each other to clean up a designated area near their house. They say the contest gives them a chance to give back to Chico. "This town has given us a place to get our education and I feel the least we can do is clean up the street in front of our house, show our appreciation," Scott Cunningham from Theta Chi explained.

But they also have some fun while they are at it. "Its great for brotherhood, we made pancakes this morning, we have been telling weekend stories and just having a good time together with brothers," Tony Gorelick from Phi Delta Theta stated.

Most people may not usually associate a broom or a rake with Chico Fraternities but these college students are trying to break the stereotype. "This is something that will not change overnight but we hope it puts us in a positive light because there are so many good things that the Greek system does," Gorelick said.

Members of the Chico Police Department and University Police Department judge the friendly competition. They grade each fraternity's performance on a one through five scale in five different categories including gutters, sidewalks, and attendance. Sunday was the first day for Chico Police Captain Lori MacPhail to serve as a judge. "I think it's a healthy competition, especially on a weekend morning to get up and clean up your yard and the area around your yard with each other, a little friendly competition is good."

The winner of the competition will be announced in about a month.


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