Admins say Man Who Had Sex with Student Was Not Coach

Jan 17, 2013 1:30 PM

Police say a man is arrested for having a sexual relationship with a girl he met at West Valley High School. Shasta Sheriff’s detectives say Seth Stroing was arrested on January 4th, after a two-month long investigation.

Detectives tell Action News the teen and the suspect were seeing each other for some time before the relationship fizzled. Then parents found out and blew the whistle on the suspect.

Police first learned about the relationship sometime around November of last year, when the victim and her parents came forward.

“We learned that Mr. Stroing did have a sexual relationship with the victim, who was under 18 years of age,” said Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko.

The relationship lasted about 6 months, and the sex was consensual. But since the 25 year old suspect was sleeping with a minor, it was a crime.

“It would be called unlawful intercourse, and some other crimes associated with it as well,” said Bosenko.

Detectives say Stroing met the girl while he was a volunteer coach at the West Valley High School, but district administrators he was not associated with the school in any way. Instead, they suggest he was a relative of another player.

“This person, this alleged culprit, is not a coach, paid or unpaid, associated with our district in anyway. He was a community member out in that direction,” said Anderson Union High School District Superintendent Tim Azevedo.

Administrators say it’s not rare for volunteer coaches and regular civilians to be confused.

“All of our programs that have outside practices in particular, there’s family members, dads that come to watch and you know, and often times want to help their own child or whatever it might be,” said Azevedo.

The relationship came to an end before it was reported to police. After two months of investigation, Stroing was arrested at a meeting where he thought he was going to see the victim.

“He believed that he was meeting the victim, and sheriffs deputies were there and arrested him without incident,” said Bosenko.

Stroing is charged with three felonies relating to sex with a minor, he could face prison time if convicted.

He bailed out of jail on January 4th and is expected to be arraigned in court on February 11th.


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