Adderall during "dead week": Cheating or fair game?

May 5, 2014 7:22 PM

Chico State's Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center's Director said Chico State is no different than other schools across the country when it comes to prescription stimulant abuse.

A recent study shows nearly 20 percent of students at an Ivy League school have used a prescription stimulant (like Adderall) to help them academically.

But CADEC’s Director said it does happen at Chico state, and is symptomatic of America's pill-popping culture.

Action News Now spoke with one student who is a casual Adderall user, always during the time known as dead week at Chico State.

“The instant release, the kind I’m going to take right now…it hits you pretty quick, and you get all your homework done,” said Chico State student RC Berry. “And you get to go party afterwards.” It just helps me focus, [and] helps get me through school. Otherwise I really wouldn't be able to do anything, because I have a really hard time focusing.”

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