Activists Accuse Sierra Pacific of Pollution Violations

Apr 12, 2013 12:37 AM

Sierra Pacific Industries in Anderson is getting criticism from area residents for pollution violations.

The logging giant burns forest waste to operate a power-plant. Critics say Sierra Pacific creates more pollution than its permit allows. At a hearing Thursday morning, citizens urged county officials to not renew the permit.

"I think they need to say ok, you need to modify this, you need to clean up that and then we will renew your permit. They are not requiring them to do anything," said Heidi Strand, one of the people questioning SPI's practices.

"We really have not seen any major excedences of their permit," said Ross Bell, the manager of the Shasta County Air Quality District.

A recording of the proceedings, along with written testimony will be reviewed by the EPA.

An environmentalist group wants to put an initiative on the ballot to limit Sierra Pacific's violations.

The logging giant claims it's not concerned with the accusations.


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