Access to Stony Creek Restricted

Jul 15, 2014 1:21 AM by Jason Atcho

Residents in one Orland neighborhood were tired of being treated like a dumping ground.
So when they spoke up, the city listened. For years, people have accessed the Stony Creek area from Stony Creek Drive but illegal dumping and partying has caused an increased fire danger for those who live nearby. "Running you truck through there on a dry day like today, having bonfires for your party, those aren't things when combined with this kind of breeze that we normally have in Orland that we want to allow to continue to present the risk that it does to our residents," explains Pete Carr, Orland City Manager.

The city has tried to do their part with keeping vehicles out. They've also done controlled burns and cleared out invasive plants that could erupt if a fire starts. "In addition to the dry weeds, there's a bamboo plant in the Stony Creek bed called arundo that burns dynamically," said Carr.

Neighbors say they went to city council and asked for their help. "We voiced our concern about the fire hazard, about the amount of traffic, especially on weekends, and dumping of garbage in the area," explained Joseph Baugher, a resident on Stony Creek Drive.

In less than 2 months, the city came forward with a plan. "Tthe city council felt that there was a compelling enough public safety need that the funds for this. The cabling, the bollars, the labor, are going to come out of the city's general fund," said Carr. Residents were very excited to see the city moving forward with a solution. "I was very pleasantly surprised at how quick they acted. How much research they did. Taking a look at this and actually the vice mayor driving down here herself," said Baugher.

The city says they don't mind people going back near stony creek as long as they're being safe. "We have no issue with people that want to walk their dog, so this won't be the kind of fence that keeps people out but it'll certainly reduce the vehicle traffic that comes through the area," said Carr.

The fences will cost the city about $1,500-1,700 and are expected to be installed by the end of the month. However, it'll be cost effective in the long run since they expect to have less calls for police and fire in that area once the fences goes up.


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