Aaron Rodgers Fun Facts...

Feb 8, 2011 7:22 PM

"I still haven't told a ton of people. But when you tell them I started a record label, they're kind of like, What??? No you didn't." Said NFL star Aaron Rodgers. But, he really did. Stadiums is the first band Aaron Rodgers and his friend Ryan Zachary, also of Chico, signed on their label "Suspended Sunrise Recordings."
Not too many people know that Rodgers is a self-taught guitarist who loves Keith Urban and Jack Johnson. He's also a fan of Ben Harper, who Rodgers admitted in a recent interview, sings his favorite song "Forever".
The record label's facebook page is blowing up with young hopefuls hoping to be signed by the national hero. We found the group "Before Dawn" on the page, who posted a song they wrote for Rodgers when he first became a starter for the Packers, it's called "Live It Up".
And you can bet Rodgers is living it up right now, basking in the glow of his superbowl victory. But, if for some reason he can't break records on the field, at least he'll be able to record them in a studio.
A few other fun facts we learned about Rodgers... His favorite book is actually the Bible, which he says he tries to read every day. And his favorite movie... The Princess Bride...who would have thought?


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