A Young Picasso Hits Chico by Storm

Sep 29, 2010 8:12 PM

Step aside Vangogh, there's a new artist on the loose, and this one's just four years old. "He loves to paint, he's inspired by it, he now talks about seeing paintings in his dreams" said Irene Gavlany, the young artist mom.
Johnny Galvany has been painting since he was 18-months old, he's now proudly hosting his very first art exhibit at Café Flo. His abstract paintings boldly hang throughout, exhibiting his flare for the arts. Some of his pieces include simple paint and glitter, while others have a more personal touch with added figurines and clippings clued on. "I love to put pictures on it and everything" said Johnny. Café Flo owner Jack Niemczynowicz says "A lot of people are surprised... They look at them and they're like oh I like this painting and I really want to buy it".
Amazing that these works come from a toddler. Even more astounding is the fact johnny has arthrogryposis, a genetic disorder that affects his joints in his hands and feet, keeping him from having full range of motion and making it difficult to grip his paintbrush. While some days are better than others, painting always seems to be the best medicine. "It helps him with his flexibility and his small motor skills, so as far as holding the paintbrush and stamping, it teaches him" Johnny's mom explained.
And while johnny simply paints because he loves it, he's using his art exhibit for a good cause, helping others in need. "We talked about selling his art work, and he said he wants to sell it cause he wants to buy toys for kids who don't have Christmas presents" said Johnny's mom. And this young painting prodigy already knows what his next project will be "I'm gonna paint a starfish when I get home" said Johnny.
Some of Johnny's paintings take up to 6 months to complete. His mom hopes he will continue his love for the arts and is now venturing into working with mixed mediums. When asked how much johnny loves painting, he only has one answer "I love it this much, like my mom" explained Johnny.
Johnny has sold a few art pieces so far which were on display at the café. His first art piece from the show brought in two hundred dollars.


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