A Young Cowboy Gets His Wish Granted

Oct 19, 2010 8:05 PM

"It's just the last thing you want to hear is that your child was diagnosed with a terminally ill illness" said Christina Touvell. Unfortunately those were the exact words she heard from a doctor last October, when her then six year old son Landon was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then the Touvell home has been turned upside down. Week long visits to Sacramento for chemo therapy and the shock of the disease have taken a toll. "You just don't know, it's overwhelming and scary and your just in a fog for the longest time" explained Touvell.
But now there's light at the end of the tunnel. Landon's treatments are going as planned and now he has had his biggest wish granted. The non-profit "Western Wishes", which grants wishes for kids who enjoy the western way of life, arranged for Landon to meet Chad Denton, a professional bull riding world finalist. "It's more of a blessing for us to be able to hang out with them and just encourage them" said Denton.
The Horse Store And More also donated an entire outfit for Landon to wear when he joins Denton at the Cow Palace Grand National Rodeo and Horse Show this weekend. "His smile even now, he's just got this smile from ear to ear and it just makes you feel good, I can't help but get chocked up about it" said Horse Store and More owner Donna Mathis.
Landon is thankful for all the generosity he has received. "Thank you for all your help because I really appreciate it" said Landon. And seeing the smile on Landon's face gives his mother something that is priceless... Hope. "And I believe that's what you have to have to get through something like this" said Touvell. Landon also had a pair of boots donated to him by Jim Bass, owner of the El Rancho Capay Arena.


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