A Very Unpatriotic Act of Theft

Oct 8, 2013 4:29 PM

It’s a very unpatriotic act of theft: A military veteran’s American flag stolen from his front porch.

Now an empty flag bracket is all that’s left outside of Brian Austin’s house. It serves as a painful reminder of the American flag that once proudly flew outside this U.S. Navy veteran’s south Chico Home.

”There are some things you just don’t mess with,” Austin said. “And you don’t mess with the American flag."

Austin’s flag was stolen sometime early Tuesday morning. He filed a police report and later took matters into his own hands—asking neighbors if they saw anything.

“We’re having people that are coming in here,” Austin said, pointing to community trashcans. "They’re going through with their little head lamps and looking for bottles and cans and who knows what else they’re looking for.”

Austin was mainly stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI and latter was honored with medals for his efforts during the Gulf War. So his strong passion for the stars and stripes is understandable.

“I know what the American flag means to me,” he said. “Maybe some of these people need to sit down and have a history lesson.”

Austin flew his previous flag until it was tattered and torn and needed to be retired.

“A got a lot of love for this flag,” Austin said. “And as you can see she’s beat up but she’s folded they way she should be and she will not be disposed until she can be brought to a proper place.”

As for the stolen flag, Austin hopes whoever has it will return it no questions asked.


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