A Valentine's Wedding in the Chico City Plaza

Feb 13, 2011 8:53 PM

Claribel and Jose's story may not be the traditional fairy tale, but it's one they would describe as 'meant to be'. "From the first minute I knew we had that bond. I knew we were going to end up getting married," Jose says.

The couple met in November of 2010 at the 7/11 on Main Street. Jose went in to buy a snack.. and when Claribel rang him up he asked her a question that started it all...'twinkies or beef jerkey'. "He came up to me and said which one do you think is better.. If I get the twinkies or the beef jerkey," Claribel says.

And sure enough after a few months of dating, Jose asked for her hand in marriage. Jose says, "Sharing my life with her is just the best gift I could ever have." The couple has decided to get married on Valentines Day in the Chico City Plaza. And why they chose the plaza?.. It was the closest place to where their love began. "It's connected to 7/11. Closer to where we met. Obviously we can't get married outside 7/11," Claribel says.

Jose and Claribel both have two children each so after the wedding monday both families will double in size. Creating a "Brady Bunch" like clan. Claribel says, "My kids love him. His kids love me and so it's working out really, really good." Jose says, "It's a great exciting new chapter in my life. I'm so glad."

And a message from all four children.. Rose says, "I wish them good luck on their marriage."

Claribel (soon to be) Perez says, "It's like a little piece of a puzzle that was missing inside my heart that I found." Jose Perez says, "It's just that one piece that's missing that you always look for and you always pray for."

Just in c
ase you're wondering... Clairebel chose the beef jerkey over the twinkie.


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