A Soccer Mom Says She's Been Cheated...

Aug 25, 2010 8:19 PM

"There are tons of parents out there that have paid these fees, they're not getting anywhere except for frustrated and broke and it's not fair" said Jennifer Law. Jennifer is a Rancho Tehama resident, and she is fed up with the Corning Youth Soccer League. She signed her 10 year old daughter up for soccer back in May, and all she has to show for it is her receipt for 95 dollars. While Soccer practice has already begun, her daughter isn't playing, and Law wants to know why. She says she never received a phone call after leaving numerous voicemails on the only number she was given on her receipt.
" Now when you call the voicemail is completely full, I had to call the local police department just to get information from other parents" Law said. She said she feel she and her daughter have been cheated. But Lamberto Raygoza, the president for the Corning Youth Soccer League says that's not the case. He claims no enough girls signed up to create a team. "That's the way it is each year, sometimes you get more people in different age groups and sometimes you don't" Raygoza said.
Raygoza says parents will get their full refunds by the end of next week if their children were not put on a soccer team, he just asks for their patience. "We get a lot of sign-ups at the last moment, but we're not getting too many sign-ups in that age group so they'll probably just get their money back" Raygoza said. But Law says she's waited long enough. "I think they need to refund the money to the parents when they're not putting the teams together immediately" Law explained.


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