A.S. to hold open meeting on controversial wildcat statue

Oct 17, 2014 2:02 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

A proposed wildcat statue is getting a lot of buzz on the Chico State campus. The school is allocating funds in the 6 figure range to bring that proposal to life.

The money for the statue is coming from a number of contributors.

Over the last few years Chico State's student government, Associated Students, has been working with the school to plan on how to fund the statue.

While theres no official number on the cost of the statue, A.S. estimates it should cost around $130,000. The proposal came from a student during a call and commitment to action summit years ago. The idea was to raise a statue show casing school unity and of course wildcat pride.

Only donated funds will go towards the statue assuring student fees will be untouched.

The breakdown of the cost $50,000 from the alumni association... $20,000 from the University, $10,000 from the athletics department and pending a vote... an additional $50,000 from Associated Students.

The vote was postponed after students voiced concerns that the funds could be allocated towards school programs or campus.

A.S. tells Action News Now that their $50,000 contribution comes from a business deal with the school book store.
When the Follett Higher Education group took over book store operations... A.S. acquired a $1,000,000 signing bonus. Money from that bonus is also distributed as student scholarships towards the book store.

After the funding is secured and artist submissions are received, the proposal will go to a planning committee to decide where the statue will go. The board of directors will be holding a meeting, open to students, to discuss the A.S. contribution to the statue next tuesday at 4pm.


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