A Rare Skin Disease is Attacking A Chico Boy

Feb 18, 2011 7:32 PM

"I want him to be able to be a normal kid..." Heartbreaking words from the mother of 19 month old Dominic Rodriguez. When he was just three months old, Michele and her husband Ricardo began seeing brown spots all over his face and body. They immediately took him to his pediatrician, who then referred him to a local dermatologist. Dominic had a skin biopsy which revealed the toddler had Mastocytosis, an extremely rare skin disease, with no cure.

Michele's heart breaks every time a doctor tells her they have no idea how to help her son. "Seeing him cry and blistered, it kind of hurts me and I do get upset with the doctors, but I just know that they're trying their best to help me."

Michele finally got in touch with a doctor from the National Institute of Health in Maryland..who specializes in Mastocytosis. "They will be monitoring his every move when he's having his outbreaks and episodes. They're actually there 24/7 watching him," she says. Which may be the beginning of a cure for baby Dominic.

His mother hopes they find one quickly and says she doesn't want her son to have to grow up this way. "I've had to deal with people looking at him different, and saying rude comments to me, but I'm trying to be strong."

Although Dominic's disease is not interfering with his growth development, he does have major breakouts once a month. Which requires him to be on 6 different medications. The drugs are paid for by CCS Services, but a plane ticket to Maryland for treatment, is not. "I want answers. I want to make sure my son's not going to grow up to be a lot worse than he is now."

The Rodriguez family needs to raise $3,000 to take Dominic to Maryland. They are having a fundraiser at Teddy Malibu's on March 26th. They also have a "Dominic Rodriguez Fund" through U.S. Bank.


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