A One of a Kind Wedding at the Chico Indoor Flea Market

Jan 10, 2011 5:09 PM

You can find just about anything at the Chico Indoor Flea Market at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. From pre-viewed DVD's to that antique gadget you can't find any place else. But for James and Brenda Cameron, what they found was true love. James Cameron says, "I spotted her and kind of left her a note and said if you want call me, and she did and we've been going out ever since." Brenda Cameron says, "He left me a little note that said you are so beautiful on it when he first seen me. So yeah it was really neat."

The pair met last February at the market where both work. After a five month courtship, the two were engaged. Brenda says, "At first I was floored... Like really? And it took me like five minutes to answer him, and I was like yeah."

Since the two owe their relationship to the market, having had their first date and getting engaged there, they found it only fitting the should marry there as well. They've also found everything from the wedding dress to bouquets and shoes. Right down to the wedding rings, all at the Chico Flea Market.

Co-Owner of the Market, Cal Poppen says, "I've always wanted this to end up being someplace people enjoy coming, and obviously they enjoy it enough to find themselves a mate."

The wedding guests also included several vendors from the market, who all say the couple were meant to be from the very beginning. Lois Brown says, "It's great... It was like made in heaven." Cal says, "You can see it when they're together, they're just a happy couple."

A happy couple who are hoping for a happy future. "A happy prosperous life," Brenda says.


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