A North State Hoarder Releases 115 Cats to Local Shelters

Apr 30, 2013 11:28 PM

A north state man has reached his breaking point and has finally asked for help. He has been housing more than 100 cats for years. More than 30 cats were rescued by the Butte Humane Society and the Chico City Shelter has 30 more all coming from a home in Chico that until Monday had 115 living under the roof of one man.

He began with six cats over seven years ago and now his house is overflowing. According to the Butte Humane executive director John Misch, this is the largest hoarding case they have seen in 13 years and have found it's uncommon for hoarders to seek help. The hoarder, who Butte Humane agreed not to identify, first contacted another organization called Companion Animal Will for Alliance a group that helps animals find a home or shelter. The alliance contacted the City Shelter Service and Butte Humane Society to help house the cats.

To the rescuers surprise the cats were very well taken care of and only one cat out of the 115 was found sick. they range in all different ages from new born kittens to full grown adults.

The cats still have to be examined, vaccinated, spayed and neutered then will be ready to go to a loving home. If you would like to volunteer as a foster care parent for any of these cats or donate to the Butte Humane Society you can do so by finding the link on our website.


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