A Local Church Dedicates Sunday Service to Veterans

Nov 7, 2010 8:03 PM

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Assistant Pastor, Gabriel Ruhl says, "we feel it is so important to recognize our veterans because they have given years of their life to preserve and ensure freedoms that we hold dear today." Members of the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church are honoring veterans from all branches of service. It's apart of their "rmed forces appreciation Sunday".

Gabriel says, "today they will come, they we're recognized, we give them a gift, we have a luncheon afterwards, and it's really a day our church family looks forward to just say thank you for serving our country."

More than 50 veterans participated in the special service and luncheon sunday. Among the crowd, Chico City Councilman and soon to be County Supervisor, Larry Wahl. As a veteran, he says, he appreciates being invited to this special event. "This is a group of people that genuinely care for each and every person who has served in the military and who is currently serving," Larry says.

Wahl says support like this is what helps soldiers get through the tough times. "They are away from their families, away from home. They're in a foreign, distant place. Many in combat and many facing dangers everyday. And they need the support."

For more than 10 years Pleasant Valley Baptist Church has dedicated a Sunday service for the veterans around the nation, and serving the country abroad. Gabriel says, "armed forces appreciation Sunday now is a highlight in our church calendar. Our church family loves it, they look forward to it, they anticipate it..."


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