A Homeless Advocate Finds Himself Homeless After House Fire

Apr 5, 2011 8:06 PM

" He helps everyone out and for this to happen to, I just can't imagine it", said Bentley Callison about his grandfather. Yuba City resident Henry Robles stares at what's left of his home on Lynn Way, a home he lived in for more than 40 years. The house caught fire early monday morning, the flames severely damaged the home, and because Robles lives on a fixed income he has no insurance. " I only get about 13-hundred dollars a month and that's it, and I have other bills, so I just couldn't afford that", said Yuba City resident Henry Robles.
But it's not just Robles whose at a loss. He added on a room to his home and for several years he's opened the house up to those in need of shelter, offering a hot shower, food and a warm place to sleep for local homeless men and women. " He's never given up on anybody who comes up and down these streets, Henry's just never given up on them", said Robles former daughter-in-law Nora Sprague.
It was one of Robles's homeless guests who woke him early Monday morning after the fire broke out. Robles, his granddaughter and the two people staying in the back room of the house all got out safely, but Robles's companion, a pit bull named Deuce died in the fire. " Every place I went to he went with me, he slept with me", said Robles as he choked back tears.
Robles is now staying with his grandson in Marysville, he and his grandchildren are cleaning up the mess and hope to repair the house so henry can move back in. Robles says as soon as he gets back in his house, he plans to invite the less fortunate to stay with him again. " They're just people, just like I am", explained Robles. Nora adds " You're not going to find anybody like him anywhere, you're not... When God made Henry he broke the mould".


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