A Former North State Firefighter in Need of a Kidney

Apr 3, 2011 8:25 PM

"He protected our community for so many years, not only as a fire lookout, but also as a firefighter. And we're just looking to have somebody save his life,"

Susan Pennington, her husband Walt, and their two children, are fighting a battle most families never dream of. The search for a kidney.. to save Walt's life.

usan says, "To watch him go through that and explain to the kids. It's a difficult situation." In 1998, Walt was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease. And soon after, placed on dialysis. Which began his long wait for a kidney. "It's frustrating. you sit there and wait and wait and wait," Walt says.

inally in February 2010, after seven years of dialysis, he received a cadaver kidney. But just seven months after the procedure, his worst nightmare became a reality when the kidney failed. Walt says, "It was a huge let down that it failed."

n Wednesday, Walt's cadaver kidney will be removed and once again he will be placed on dialysis four times a week. Which puts a huge strain on his freedom to live and enjoy time with his family. "That really restricts my freedom, to do things with my family. to go places," Walt says.

alt is on the search once again, and is hoping to hear that someone has a kidney for him. "I just really hope there is someone out there that can fit the bill for me." Susan says, "We certainly cherish the moments that we have with him and would like to have many, many more."

If y
ou would like to financially help this family or know someone that may possibly be a donor, please contact the family by emailing them at: oohsoozeq@yahoo.com.


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