A Downtown Corning Trouble Maker Is Paying For His Deeds

Jun 29, 2013 6:56 PM

A Corning man assaulted an officer and destroyed part of a patrol car while resisting arrest over vandalism. Friday morning 34-year-old Nevin Smith was arrested after he was caught breaking branches off the trees in Martini Plaza Park in downtown Corning. His reasoning for damaging the park was the tree branches were in his way. Smith resisted arrest and at one point he head butted an officer and was kicking the door frame to a patrol car destroying it completely. According to Corning Police this isn't the first time Smith has caused trouble downtown. The day before he was arrested downtown businesses reported to the police that he causing problems with customers and staff. The park damages were estimated at more than $400. Smith was booked in the Tehama County Jail with his bail set at $21,000.


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