A Chico State Alumni Man Battles Cancer

Apr 2, 2013 6:14 PM

Life as newlyweds is anything but bliss for one north state couple. Tom Walshaw was diagnosed with leukemia last year shortly after marrying his wife Laura but because he is not a U.S citizen he's finding it very difficult to get the treatment he desperately needs. It's a love that's been through countries, colleges and now cancer. Tom and Laura Walshaw met in 2008 at a Santa Cruz community college. They transferred to Chico State and graduated in 2011. Tom with a bachelor's degree in business management and Laura in child development. They married in 2011 and were about to start their careers, until Tom began to feel ill.
Tom was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, commonly found in children. Doctors recommended to have a bone marrow transplant. Two weeks ago, Tom received the transplant and his white blood cell count has been increasing ever since. Though he's looking better his finances are hurting. Tom also is not technically a citizen. He grew up in England and came to the U.S. when his dad landed a job in Santa Cruz.
Though times are tuff they are staying strong for each other. A tri-tip and chicken dinner fundraiser will be held at the Woodson City Park in Corning this Saturday at three. Also a PayPal account is opened to the public if you would like to help the young couple. You can donate on their account by going to our website and clicking on newslinks.


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