99-Year-Old Drummer taps to her own rhythm

Apr 4, 2016 7:11 PM by News Staff

A 99-year-old drummer is still rocking out!

Brush is the town that Mary Bostrom has called home since 1940.

"Actually, it's a little town," she said.

And birthdays in Brush call for a celebration.

But, Mary is not so sure just how big a deal 99 actually is.

Her son Howard understands

"Oh I’m proud,” he said.

So he and his mom's friends decided to celebrate in the only appropriate way.

Yes, Mary has always had a knack for rhythm.

"When I grew up I took piano lessons,” she said. “She was always in the kitchen telling me if I went too fast or too slow."

So it only made sense to let her dancing feet make the beat.

She can't put a number on her repertoire.

"To tell you the truth about it, I know so many of them I couldn't tell ya," Mary said.

But she will tell you who her favorite drummer is.

"It’s me, it's me," she said.

And while she may occasionally miss a beat, she will never lose her rhythm

"You know at 99 you can sleep anytime you want," she said. "I'm not gonna let it go. I’m gonna take it with me."


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