9-year-old Cottonwood Boy Suffering from Leukemia

Apr 30, 2011 8:27 PM

"We live our life everyday. We don't waste it!" Darrell, Gina, and Matt Farley are true examples of the phrase 'living life to the fullest'.. Their son Matt was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of five.. His cancer went into remission four months later.. and he continued treatments for the next four and a half years.

He was finally beginning to live a normal life...when his parents received some shocking news.. Gina says, "We really couldn't believe that we were here again in this position.. We thought that was over with."

After fighting for his life for nearly five years and undergoing chemotherapy.. doctors discovered the chemo itself created a new form of leukemia. And now doctors are saying there is only one thing that can save his life.. "We've had three confirmed diagnosis that he absolutely has to have a bone marrow transplant. That's his only hope," Darrell says.

Doctors have given Matt a slim survival rate, but his parents say they will not let a number define the way they choose to live their lives.. "They gave us a 25% through all of this. We're not going to go with that because were strong in faith and that's not the final answer," says Gina.

This strong, brave child wants to spread the word about how giving bone marrow can save other lives as well.. Matt says, "If they find a match they could help me.. Sometimes they won't help me, but they'll help other kids." "That one moment of your life could save a life. If not a match for Matt, there's other children like Matt," Darrell says.

While the wait continues for a donor.. the Farley family appreciates each moment they can spend with each other.. Darrell says, "There's nothing we can do about it and worrying about it is not going to solve it. Enjoying our lives and living it everyday.. That's really what's going to help us get through this."

A fundraiser and blood drive for Matt will be held this Sunday at Mary's Pizza Shack in Anderson. 20 percent of all proceeds will be donated to the family. We also have a link to the Wings of Angels organization that is helping Matt and other children like him.


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