9 nabbed during Shasta County crime sweep

Mar 10, 2015 3:33 PM by News Staff

The Shasta County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday that a big crime sweep aimed at reducing a rash of burglaries in eastern Shasta County yielded eight arrests.

According to the sheriff's office, over the past few month's deputies patrolling Burney, Johnson Park, Round Mountain, Montgomery Creek, Big Bend, Fall River Mills and McArthur were becoming overwhelmed due to the large amounts of thefts.

Deputies on patrol in these areas rarely had time to investigate the burglaries, given the time they were devoting to filing reports and their routine patrols.

To combat the issue the sheriff's office devised a plan to assist the patrol units and designated several units to patrol high crime areas in eastern Shasta County. The operation began February 19 and was continued for three other shifts through March 9.

During the patrols, eight people were arrested for a variety of property crimes, drug offenses and assaults and 44 citations were issued. The suspects arrested were; Steven A. Scott, Lucas J. Lewellyn, Wren K. Barker, Heaven L. Turner, Sean M. Bryant, Luke A. Hoke , Trisha A. Schumacher, Steven R. Sikora, and Alisha M. McKinney.

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